Dreams of marriage rarely include wheelchairs, walkers, or medical equipment. Yet the oneness found in a marriage with disability presents a beautiful picture of the relationship between Jesus and His Church. 

This book engages the reality disability puts on the marriage relationship, through the real-life, and often humorous, stories of couples living with disability. Readers will find they’re not alone in their journey. They’ll discover a framework to manage the challenges of disability and marriage. 

The book will inspire those who do not live with disability to embrace those around them who do.

“I’m so grateful that Joan Borton has poured into this book her extraordinary insights on disability and marriage – my husband Ken and I have every confidence that Joan not only speaks from experience, but with true compassion as well as a solid grounding in the Word of God. Plus, she and her husband Jerry have a pretty amazing life together! This is a must-read!”

Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni and Friends International Disability Center

MarriageAbility is a MUST READ for everyone, whether dealing with physical or mental challenges or not. There is WISDOM for everyone in these pages. Intertwined with a STRONG BIBLICAL APPROACH is good old COMMON SENSE and HONESTY. This book is intelligent, clear, concise, realistic, heartfelt, humorous, and adventurous.

Joan is intentional in her representation of the life she and Jerry have chosen together as image bearers of God. It is a no nonsense approach to a difficult situation. One of Jerry’s one liners, “She knows my stuff and still loves me,” endears them both to the reader. This is not a book about self-pity or self promotion. It is a book that is BALANCED whether dealing with hotel rooms, planes, trains, and vans- about batteries that need to be charged or whether to hire a Personal Attendant or not.

It is for me a book about intense love, joy and understanding, as Joan said, “we were made for each other”.

I was blessed to know Joni Eareckson before she became Tada and this book exudes the same positiveness and thankfulness that Joni presents to the world.

I love this book and you can’t help wanting Jerry and Joan to be your new best friends.

Don Stinnett, PH.D.

Retired psychologist and owner of a high school for students with learning and emotional disabilities.

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