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 We understand churches, community groups, and businesses don’t always know how to work together with people who have disabilities. It’s not that you don’t want to, but you need more information. Reach out to us and let us know your need. We’ll help you find the answer to your questions and share training, education, and support.

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Ministry can be messy

You want to minister to and with people affected by disabilities in your sphere of influence, but another program is the last thing you need, or so it feels. No need to worry,  people with disabilities don’t want to be a program either. Ministry is messy because while we are all created in the image of God, our specific needs are unique. People affected by disability want to be seen and to belong. We can help you do just that and put the guilt aside.

Jerry and Joan Borton Speaking


The first step is knowing who is who are the people affected by disability within your sphere of influence? Click here for a story of why that matters. 


You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to have a large budget. You just have to care. We can help you take it from there.


From our extensive experience, we will work with you to create and customize training specific to your groups’ needs. Some of the training we offer includes:

  • Introduction to Church Disability Ministry
  • Disability Culture and the Church
  • Grace Based Advocacy (dual track with family)
  • Leadership Lessons Learned from Disability
  • Two Things My Wheelchair Can’t Do (designed for K-elementary)


What People are Saying

“Easy to talk to”

Jerry has the same disability I do, which makes it easier to talk to him because he gets it. We talk every other week. He is one of the few mentors I have who makes sure he understands every word before answering. He also says to interrupt him if he is saying stuff that isn’t helpful. This sort of ministry has been on Jerry’s heart for several years now, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

TIM DORAN, Award-Winning Filmmaker

“Professionlism, wit, and style”

Joan and Jerry Borton can speak separately or as a team from a depth of experience and education with professionalism, wit, and a style anyone can understand. They are a blessing to have for any speaking occasion. “

DOUG GODDARD, founder, Access-Life, Inc.

“A depth of collective wisdom”

Joan and Jerry Borton bring a wonderful gift set to life and to ministry. As a couple, not only do they have a depth of collective wisdom and experience–they are also rooted in the love and grace of God. Firmly believing in the transformational power of the gospel, they possess the all-too-rare quality of being fully present with people as they navigate life alongside others. I have benefited from the time spent with the Bortons and I’m sure you will too!

STEPHANIE O. HUBACH , Research Fellow in Disability Ministries
Covenant Theological Seminary


Seeds sometimes take a long time to grow. It was over 40 years ago that I met a young man sitting in a wheelchair who was starting Christian camp programs for people with disabilities. I was very impressed with the mission of Jerry and felt he was doing the real work of Christ while the rest of us were playing around the edges. Who would know that some 30 years later the seed Jerry planted would sprout into Removing the Barriers Initiative and the establishing of StirringWaters with a mission to help people with disabilities off the deck and into the fun. It is great to know that Jerry is still planting seeds that only God can make grow. “

BILL REDMON, President of Removing the Barriers Initiative and Founder of StirringWaters

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