The ministry we do is the catalyst for even bolder dreams in the days and months ahead. Following the pattern of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. we too have a dream.  A dream that people with disabilities will be judged by our character, not by the number of our chromosomes. That we will be judged by our character, not how we walk or don’t walk, or what equipment we use. A dream that people with disabilities will be judged by our character, not our diagnosis, or the accommodations we need. A dream that the body of Christ, and the communities in which they minister, will include all people regardless of skin color, ability or disability, whether we communicate through voice, a computer or sign language, or anything else the enemy uses to divide us.

The fruit of those dreams will be seen when people with disabilities are at the table (Luke 14) and using their gifts. 

Bold dreams come to life through hard work, a circle of support and the grace of God. Some of the tools we want to use to fill the table are:

  • Develop a Compel Community Conference that brings people with and without disabilities to engage together to build community.
  • Disability ministry within churches are important, but it is time to look beyond Sunday. We want to resource the Church, the people of the Church, to engage in life with people affected by disability throughout the week.
  • A mentoring program that intentionally asks and answers the questions of Whose we are and Who we are.
  • Scholarship programs that provide resources to help people affected by disability apply the answers to the questions noted above.

Would you dream with Luke 14 Exchange? We need volunteers, prayer partners and financial partners at all levels. Please use our Contact Form to start a conversation with us.

We’d love to hear your dreams for people affected by disabilities and our communities . . .

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